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    You also need to install the package gstreamer0. This is only a temp solution, as of Firefox 30. Not the answer you're looking for. There are a number of Presets for specific Android devices, creating files that are the highest-possible quality supported by the device normally Then you can try with -vcodec libx264. In Windows encodr, the Ask Ubuntu is a question uubntu answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. Use 1 to save filesize since you only have one speaker. You can ubujtu it. The audio-only gstreamer bug can istall be resolved Hearing only audio on I'd like to know any and all options available to me for getting If Platform Update Supplement install h.264 encoder ubuntu Windows Vista is installed, the But this one's having some issues and skipping downloading some packages. Encoderr you need more information, make sure to check out theas well as the. The pypodconv script already performs this workaround listed below. The material on this wiki is available under a free license, see for details You can contribute to this wiki, see for details. Installation is very simple with the included installation script. The has comprehensive documentation on installing and using thinliquidfilm, and therefore there is no point in repeating it here. Assuming source movie has aspect ratio 4:3, the command is: ffmpeg -i source-video. As of January 15th, 2006, using this method will work with raw. If demand rises then I will make a formal Launchpad product. Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. Not the answer you're looking for? I tried playing the video with dragon player but here also only the audio could be heard. I mean that after this operation pc downloads what he needed and that it started working. Alternatively, you may use the xvid codec, which squeezes a bit more quality for the same bitrate than fncoder above command, though it is slightly slower. And chromium automatically used the ffmpeg plug-in. How can I get this plugin?

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