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    Thank you and you have a good thing going in this game keep it up and listen to reviews and you will go somewhere with this game This game is good but when i was driving in the Andes mountains, it will say i crashed when there wasnt even anything around me for miles around. I have been a while. When we are in our examination test they will straight away crash into our car because of them it becomes impossible to pass our exam, I mean when we are following and obeying traffic rules then why not them, I mean we are all pedestrian we and they must follow traffic rules, so it just spoils the mood of playing game. Please wait, Winter Bus Driver is loading Driving school bus online games advertisement allows us to rriving you Winter Bus Driver for free in 15 seconds. And add truck duty, tractors, taxiambulance etc. You lose 50 dollars. Good game Ovidpop good job!!. Make it a bit better, secondly, dull graphics dude. So in further update I want you to look into consideration. I recommend this to anyone looking to learn to drive. Drive along some crazy paths while making sure the kids get to and from school safely. And plz add traffic jams. I can't stop playing it. Sit shcool the wheel of a large city bus and deliver the passengers safely to their stop. How to change your mind. Now you can drive with a schook transmission, with clutch and stick shift!. The kids are waiting for their favorite bus driver to transport them to school on time. The steering of other cars are kinda strange but good game. The career gives you so much entertainment and focus. You can drive laps around the competition in amateur and professional races. Make it a bit better, secondly, dull graphics dude!

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